Ditch the Sheet music and Learn to play by Ear...

It doesn’t take hours, days or even weeks to learn songs. In reality it only takes about 30 minutes. Playing piano by ear gives you the ability to analyze and dissect songs quickly and easily without having to rely on sheet music. Unlock Piano provides you with real life music theory courses that teach you the skills you need to be a successful  play by ear musician. 

Courses Available October 2021

Ditch The Sheet Music

Unlock piano teaches you to play without having to rely on sheet music. There is a better way besides staring at notes on staff. We teach you real piano theory and how to use it to play by ear simple, fast and easy.

Play In All 12 Keys

We give you the complete package. We teach you how to play in all 12 keys. Don't cripple yourself any longer playing in only one or two keys, now you can know it all and have understanding to do it all.

Learn Piano Anatomy

Our comprehensive courses teach the basic building blocks of piano which are necessary when it comes to expanding your knowledge of piano. You will learn piano anatomy such as key names, scales and chords.

How It Works

The very first thing you will learn in these series of courses is the piano key names. It is essential that you learn and commit each key name to memory. You will use key name to form scales, chords and progressions. The alphabetic key names will also provide you with guidelines for each scale and will tell you which key you are playing in.


After you’ve mastered the key names you will then learn how to apply the number system. The number system allows you to replace lettered key names with numbers. This allows you to take concepts, patterns, songs, licks and tricks that you learn in one key and apply it to every other key on the keyboard. Chord types are also built using the number system.


You need to know chord names and chord formulas. Each chord type has its own unique sound and own formulation. Chords are formed based off of the number system. For example if you wanted to play a Major Seventh Chord you would use the formula 1-3-5-7, such as in the image to the right. We will teach you how to use every chord name and formula in every single key giving you the ability to play hundreds of chords at will.


The Ultimate Beginner Bundle Box is jam packed with everything you need to know in order to start playing by ear. You will learn to dissect the piano by using the same tools that pro players like Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Elton John and many others use. To play like a pro, you must first think like a pro. At Unlock Piano we give you exactly what you need to become a pro. This course is designed to kick start your piano proficiency and launch you into a whole new musical dimension.


Different Methods of Learning Piano

There are many different ways to learn piano, but not all methods are for you. Unlock Piano has made it as easy as possible to learn in the most practical way possible. Learning to play by ear using the number system provides you with a real music education and a real skill set that will transfer and can be applied to other instruments. We teach material that real professional musicians use everyday to play concerts, gigs, church services and much more. How do I know this, because I myself and thousands of other musicians use the very same tools day in and day out. 

If you feel that our online courses are right for you, get ready to jump into the fast track of learning piano by ear. Learn some of the most valuable information pertaining to piano that you will ever find on the web. We provide you with the framework you need to get up and playing super fast. If you’re ready sign up for our first course now. There are no downloads you’ll simply access the content on this website via your mobile device or home computer which will allow you to access our content anywhere in the world,

Save Money!

Save time and money when you purchase from unlock piano.We are dedicated to helping our customers save money by offering premium teaching material for a super low cost. We understand that traditional piano lessons can be very expensive and that’s exactly why we want you to learn with us. See our price comparison below…

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