What We Do

Here at unlockpiano.com our goal is to produce quality piano teaching material geared towards the beginner to intermediate player. There are millions of aspiring musicians in the world who have a strong desire to play piano, but don’t know where to begin. There are also intermediate musicians who don’t have a background in music theory and that’s were unlockpiano.com fills the gap. We are not providing anything new pertaining to theory, we have simply compiled the best information for the beginner so that he/she can quickly and easily begin playing piano without a hitch. Yeah, sure you can take the classical route of learning to read music on a staff, but there is an alternative, faster and more fun way to learn, which is what we wish to provide our visitors.


The Owner

Randall is a graduate of Troy University where he obtained a bachelors degree in communications with a concentration in music. He has studied classical and contemporary piano for the past 15 years and has obtained tutelage from the likes of American composer Robert W. Smith and piano masters Derrick Jackson and Kelvin Broughton. He has held lead performance roles for bands, churches, concerts, plays and more. As a seasoned pianist, he has created unlockpiano.com in hopes of sharing his musical knowledge with the world. He has a soft heart for new and aspiring musicians who struggle to start their piano journey. He hopes to provide better understanding of piano theory by giving simple and easy to learn tools to help individuals elevate their piano proficiency effortlessly!