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Building Blocks of Piano 

Our comprehensive courses teach the very basic building blocks of piano which are necessary when it comes to playing by ear. You will learn key names, scales, chords, progressions and much more.

Start Playing Lighting Fast

After viewing the first online course you will have acquired enough knowledge to attack the piano and start playing immediately. Our courses get you up and playing lightning fast without you ever having to site read sheet music.

Play Your Favorite Songs 

Learn to play your favorite songs from the radio. Our comprehensive courses will not only give you the basics you need to start playing, but will also teach you the anatomy of music and how to dissect and play virtually any song.

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Save Cash

Save time and money when you sign up as a member with unlock piano.We are dedicated to helping our customers save money by offering premium teaching material for a super low cost. We understand that traditional piano lessons can be very expensive and thats exactly why we want you to learn with us. See our price comparison below...

  • $50 / Lesson x 2 Monthly = $1,200 / Year (Traditional)
  • $10 / Month = $120 / Year (Unlock Piano)

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Meet The Instructor


At the age of 12 years old I began taking classical piano lessons from the best teachers in town and eventually graduated from a university where I obtained a degree in music. soon realized that traditional piano lessons did not give me the flexibility needed to play my favorite songs. I was  bound to playing everything by notes on a staff. While searching for an alternative learning method I stumbled across the number system, which enables individuals to play virtually any song by ear quickly and easily. I developed unlockpiano.com to share my knowledge with the rest of the world and to help new and aspiring pianist learn in a better, more fun and intuitive way.


Learn Piano Anywhere In The World

No matter where you are in the world, you can take advantage of our online courses and learn at your own convenience. Take your time and learn at your own pace. You're just one click away. All you have to do is become a member for only $10 monthly to gain access to all learning material and courses provided by www.unlockpiano.com.

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"I took piano lessons as a kid and I absolutely hated reading sheet music. With Unlock Piano I discovered that there was a better and more fun way to learn. Thanks to the courses offered on this site, I now have a new found love for music."

-Gavin Lee 

"I just love, love, love the material that is being taught. The instructor is very articulate and makes learning the piano easy and exciting!"

-Laury Rogers

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"After years of traditional lessons I realized I was crippled as I could not play fluently in every key. After watching the "Extreme Beginner Piano Course" I learned how to play in all 12 keys within a matter of 3 months. I'm amazed at how quickly and easily I learned to play in all keys after years of struggling."

-Natalia Prasad

"As a recent college grad and father of a 5 year old I could never afford piano lessons, they were just too expensive. I stumbled upon unlockpiano.com and was surprised at how affordable the monthly membership was. I joined immediately and I'm so glad I did. My son and I are now both enjoying the lessons."

-Alejandro Rodriguez 


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Get in contact with Unlock Piano any day of the week. We respond to each and every email within a 24 hour time period. Never have your questions go unanswered.


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Gain access to available song tutorials, tips and tricks when you sign up as a member. Learning songs along with new tips and tricks is a great way to keep you growing on a daily basis.


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Receive monthly notifications and updates via email advising of new articles, courses, tutorials and tips. Unlock Piano wants to keep you with fresh updated and interesting material.

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